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Master Zou Peng
Master Zou Peng has learnt traditional Chinese Martial Art since a tender age. In 2003 he was admitted to ‘Shaolin Culture Professional School’ in the Provincial Capital Zhengzhou. He had participated in Shaolin martial arts performances, cultural exchanges and promotion during the school times with the school team at home and abroad many times. Master Zou had performed a large-scale dance drama "Shaolin in the Wind" and "Holy Water Guanyin”. He had also been awarded the Zhengzhou large martial arts competition championship with the free apparatus "Double Whip" and traditional martial arts. Master Zou Peng came to Hong Kong through the "Admission of Mainland Talents Scheme" to promote and teach Shaolin martial arts in Hong Kong. In 2013, Hong Kong TVB and ATV invited Master Zou to participate in their television programs.

Zou Peng specializes in Shaolin Kung Fu.  He has been learning Shaolin martial arts over 11 years. He teaches variety of Shaolin boxing, weapons, practical martial art (Sanshou) and Qigong (Shaolin Qigong and Lian Gong Shi Ba Fa). Master Zou can provide different learning requirements. All Chinese and foreign individuals and groups are welcomed to enrol in Master Zou's martial arts class.